• Molded PTFE Tube
  • Molded PTFE Tube
  • Molded PTFE Tube

Molded PTFE Tube

Brand : Molded PTFE Tube 

Color:  white, black ,brown, yellow 

Density: 2.10-2.3g/cm3

Wall thickness :     5~500mm                             

Length: 100~300mm

Grade:    A grade (100% virgin)

Package:  Wooden-box

Max temperature:  +260

Min temperature:  -180

Test Report:  SGS, MSDS, Rosh6, FDA


Filled ptfe rod: Graphite Filled PTFE Bars, Fiber Glass Filled PTFE Rods, Bronze filled PTFE rod, Mos2 filled ptfe bar ,PI Filled PTFE Rods.
Color: White ,Black,Brown,Yellow
Density: 2.10-4.2g/cm3
Diameter: 1-400mmLength:20~2000mm
Diameter: 1-400mm                                                    
Length: 20~2000mm
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, 


Extruded PTFE Tube
Scientific name teflon tube (hereinafter referred to as F4 tube, ptfe tube) is to use the high quality of plunger extrusion tube, the use of special processing technology, make the steel pipe and plastic pipe together, can withstand the positive pressure 1.6 Mpa, negative pressure: 77 kpa.At 60 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃ in normal use, reliable and excellent corrosion resistance.Handle liquid aerosols, strong corrosion under high temperature, which is cannot replace by other pipes.

Molded PTFE tube 

   PTFE tube can be divided into extrusion pipe and moulded. Moulded PTFE Tube is of good sintered ptfe blank in the mould preheating to sintering temperature, pressure, cooling and hot pressing, generally larger diameter tolerance, mainly used for cutting or secondary processing small batch gasket, insulation parts, seals and other products.Teflon tube in the known plastic has the best chemical corrosion resistance and dielectric properties

       Now we add some some size molding ( usually OD 50mm to 460mm Lenght: 300mm ).