• Pure PTFE Sheet
  • Pure PTFE Sheet
  • Pure PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE Sheet 

Color:  white 

Density: 2.10-2.3g/cm3

Wall thickness :  0.1mm---120mm                                      

Length:  according to request

Grade:    A grade (100% virgin), B grade (50% virgin), C grade ( 30% virgin)

Package:  Wooden-box

Max temperature:  +260

Min temperature:  -180

Test Report:  SGS, MSDS, Rosh6, FDA

Pure PTFE Sheet

This kind of material products are generally referred to as "non-stick coating";Is a kind of using all the hydrogen atoms in the fluorinated polyethylene synthetic polymer materials.This material has the acid alkali resistance, resistance to the characteristics of various kinds of organic solvent, almost insoluble in all solvents.At the same time, ptfe has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction of it, so can make lubrication, also became the non-stick pan and ideal coating of pipe lining

1, not sticky, almost all of the material with teflon coating adhesion.Thin film also shows good adhesion performance.

2, heat resistance, teflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistant properties.Resistant to high temperature to 300 ℃, short time average between 240 ℃ ~ 240 ℃ can be continuous use, has significant thermal stability, it can work under freezing temperature and not brittle, not melt at high temperature.

3, sliding: teflon coating has lower friction coefficient.Load when the sliding friction coefficient changes, but numerical only between 0.05 to 0.15.

4, wet resistance: non-stick teflon coating surface of water and oil, the production operation is also not easy to touch solution, such as with a small amount of dirt, easy to wipe can be removed.Down time is short, can save time and improve the work efficiency.

5, the wear resistance: under high load, has excellent wear resistance.Under certain load, has the dual advantages of wear resistance and adhesion.

6, corrosion resistance: ptfe is almost not affected by drugs, able to withstand in addition to molten alkali metals, fluoride medium and higher than 300 ℃ all the strong acid sodium hydroxide (including aqua regia), strong oxidizer, reductant, and the role of various kinds of organic solvent, can protect the parts from the chemical corrosion of any kind



  • Width :1000mm 1200mm 1220mm 1500mm
  • Thickness :0.2mm to 120mm
  • Length : as your order
  • Density :2.1
  • Color :white