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Expanded PTFE tape

Expanded ptfe tape

Material: 100% expanded PTFE

Place of Origin:Jiangxi, China (Mainland)


Temperature:-180 °c- + 260 °c

size : as order 

Density: 0.8g/cm3

Sample: Availible

Package:Carton/Wooden Cases 

Test Report:  SGS, MSDS, Rosh6, FDA

Filled ptfe rod: Graphite Filled PTFE Bars, Fiber Glass Filled PTFE Rods, Bronze filled PTFE rod, Mos2 filled ptfe bar ,PI Filled PTFE Rods.
Color: White ,Black,Brown,Yellow
Density: 2.10-4.2g/cm3
Diameter: 1-400mmLength:20~2000mm
Diameter: 1-400mm                                                    
Length: 20~2000mm
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, 

Extruded PTFE Tube
Scientific name teflon tube (hereinafter referred to as F4 tube, ptfe tube) is to use the high quality of plunger extrusion tube, the use of special processing technology, make the steel pipe and plastic pipe together, can withstand the positive pressure 1.6 Mpa, negative pressure: 77 kpa.At 60 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃ in normal use, reliable and excellent corrosion resistance.Handle liquid aerosols, strong corrosion under high temperature, which is cannot replace by other pipes.

Expanded PTFE Tape

  • PTFE expanded tape is made of pure PTFE, can be widely used in the transport and sealing of industrial fluids. It is the most cost-effective alternative to sheet gasketing for large equipment flanges. Because it is a form-in-place gasket, so it nearly can be used in any sealing surface. Especially for the irregularities and damaged flange surface, expanded PTFE tape is the best choice.
  • 1.Easy to install
  • 2.Low stress-to-seal
  • 3.Can conform to any surface, including rough, pitted, scratched and damaged  surfaces.
  • 4.Resistant to creep and cold flow
  • 5.100% expanded PTFE, has the same chemical inertness of pure virgin PTFE.
  • 6.Unlimited Shelf Life
  • 7.Over compression is no problem

  •                                     (other size is available as customized)